Mission statement

"Ja een engelstalige statement. Met het oog op de toekomst, want we mogen dromen toch? Van Amsterdam gaan we door naar de volgende stad en daarna - wie weet -wel internationaal. Onze filosofie voelt goed en alsof de tijd rijp is voor deze andere aanpak. 360º de rondte in. Nieuwsgierig? Lees maar door en tja in het Engels bekt het stiekem ook gewoon lekkerder."

Mission With Amsterdam.Restaurant we like to launch a self-sustainable organisation that creates a win-win link between customers and hospitality entrepreneurs from which every side profits.

Vision In a world in which all digital platforms ask money for the higher positions - for what should be "restaurants guides" or "review sites" - we put our focus on creating honest content. Content that's built on the needs of the local foodie, in a way that both consumers and entrepreneurs profit from our digital food concepts. The members become part of a community that nurtures itself by constant rewards for their commercial spendings. A 360° approach on the local market that keeps small businesses fully serviced and healthy.

Values Relevant content, innovativeness, transparency, sustainability, giving-back economy, 100% ads free

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